For most people, the watch is a necessity, it could be a something you will wear forever. A good watch equipped with useful features should be also fashionable, durable, and of high cost performance. There are so many brands of watches in the market. Choosing a good watch which is suitable for you might not be easy, especially choosing the best watch under 300 dollars.

That’s what I would like to do. I have made so much research on the internet and written the review for you to choose the best watch under 300. With 300 dollars, you can get a good watch of some big brand which can meet your basic demands.Here comes the list of the top three Best watches under 300 dollars of 2017. Each of them are well-designed and of good quality. Many of them are equipped with new features which may surprise you.

My personal Comparison chart:Best Men’s Watches Under 300 Dollars

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It is time, My personal comparison chart: Best men’s Watches Under 300 Dollars, I hope one of  the watched listed here will break your heart.

Some tips for choosing a good Cheap watch Under 300


Different watch has different features. Except for some basic features, such as date display, alarm, stop watch, some watches even have some special features and you can choose as you like. However, don’t chase for those new features which are useless for you.


You’d better decide which kind of watch matches your clothing. And what kind of watch is suitable for the occasion where you are a frequenter.

Quality and brand

Quality is quite important, because the watch is not a consumable. What’s more, sometimes the brand is a symbol of your social status. In this case, you’d better pay attention to it.

Best watches under 300 dollars:  In-depth Reviews

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Casual Watch Under 300

Produced by the Casio, this good cheap watch under 300 dollars is of high quality and reputation. Being a pioneer of the Triple-sensor Protrek, this watch is quite advanced. The Duplex LC display, as well as the auto EL light, makes the date display more clear. The Multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping and the World Time 31 time zones ensure that you can check the time conveniently. 60min countdown timer, 5 independent daily alarms, full auto-calendar and Hourly time signal can meet all your daily demands. What’s more, Titanium link bracelet will ensure that the watch will on your wrist firmly even when you are doing sport. This casual watch which is not so expensive is suitable for those who want to have a nice daily watch. It doesn’t have too many new features but it is not bad for daily use and it goes well with your casual clothing.

What Current Owners Said this watch under 300

How about the reviews of users? They think that this is one of the best watches under 300 dollars of Casio. It can be used as an altimeter. What’s more, it’ssolar-powered and the Atomic clock synchronization is quite useful. But some users think poorly of its material. Is seems that it’s not made of titaniumbut resin.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch under 300 Dollars

Samsung is famous for its smart phone, but nowadays, it also has good smart watch. It has what watch is supposed to have and it also has what is unexpected. The 1.63″ Super AMOLED display is brushed metal-finished and you can even customize your own lock screen, background and font in order that you can get a watch of your style. This watch is more than a watch. The Seamless Communication allows you to receive or make a phone call. It allows you to receive notifications from your phone or apps. Besides, theFHD stillshot as well as the 720p video recording enables you to capture the moments of your daily life. It can also be used as a Fitness Motivatorbecause of its built-in pedometer and Heart Rate Sensor. What’s more, in my opinion, the metal appearance suits well with your suit. If you are a businessman with a Samsung smart phone, this smart watch under 300 suits you and your phone well.

What Current Owners Said this watch under 300

After using it for a while, costumers find it functions well. The lovely screen, smart features and the smooth function are pretty good for users, especially those young users. But if you are not a user of Samsung smart phone, many of the features of this smart watch will be useless for you.

Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch under 300

If you want a smart watch which can go with you android phone, this one may be a good choice. This watch is of good quality because of its stainless steel and scratch-resistant glass. But it’s quite light, 49g.The 1.56 inches 320 x 290screen ensures the clear date display. What’s more, the watch can be easily controlled by your voice, which allows you to speak to it. And this watch is smart enough for organizing your information in other that it will tell you what you want. For example, in the morning it will tell you the time as well as the weather forecast. What’s more, if you do some sports while wearing this watch, it can record your steps, the distance, your heart rate and the calories you have burned. With this watch, you can lead a healthy life. The cool appearance can match all your clothing and the great features will satisfy you.

What Current Owners Said

After using it, costumers think that it’s a good cheap watch under 300 dollars but it’s ordinary. It runs well and you can use it in your daily life conveniently.

What You Pick? Here Is The In-depth Compariosn

Technical characteristics

Among these three best watches under 300 dollars, we can see that the Casio is a classic watch which contains all basic demands. It doesn’t have too many new features which are impressive. However, the smart watch from Samsung shows its advantages. It has too many new features which catch your attention and evoke your desire to purchase. You can check your notifications, receive and make a phone call, take a photo or even talk to him to get some information you need. It’s quite attractive.

Build and design

All of above 3 best watches under 300 dollars are of good quality and are well-designed; however they all have their own characteristics. The Casio is made of resin and it’s very casual for daily use. It goes well with your casual clothes. The smart watch of Samsung is brushed metal-finished and it is designed to be dustproof and water-resistant. The Motorola looks cool and you can choose a metal bracelet or a resin one. It could be casual formal.

The price

All of them cost you less than 300 dollars. If you buy Casio on the Amazon, it’s really a bargain; you will get it with only 247 dollars. The Samsung is the most expensive which may cost you 299 dollars, because of its new design and fashionable features.

My advice

It’s you who should make a decision. You can choose the one which suits you well. If you want a classic watch under 300 dollars, you can take the Casio. If you prefer a fashionable smart watch with so many new features, you can consider the Samsung. But if I were you, I may choose the Casio which is more practical and reliable.With only 247 dollars, you can get this durable and useful watch,

Best Watches Under 300 Dollars (2017 Updated)