The wide variety of smart watches contributes to the difficult of  consumers’choice,And the combination of tons of watches with various price range bring more difficult to consumer and make their buying decision harder.If you meet the similar thing,do not worry,I am going to give some suggestion about how to pick the Best Smart Watches of 2017 for yourself or others.

Comparison Chart:Best Smart Watches Under 50/150/300 Dollars

The best smart watch suitable for you is approaching. Are you get ready?Just take several minutes to go through this comparison chart,you will find your favorite smart watch!

  • In order to give your strong persuasive information,I have a made a comprehensive comparison chart in which I have compare many aspects of smarter watches.
  • The information of the comparison chart is the result of my efforts.there is no doubt that willbe helpful to you in making a good choice.Of course,you need to check out the comparison chart frequently.

Every thing you need to know

It would be easier for you to be shocked by the function of the smart watch and you will be excited about the convenience that the smart watch offers to you.

Device compatibility

Device compatibility is very important just because smart watch is designed to serve as a match of your smart phone.for example,The pebble use a proprietary OS and works with android device but pebble steel works with IOS device.

Display: an E Ink screen is better

First, E Ink screen is possible to be read outdoors without worrying about terrible glare.Next,,an E Ink screen is helpful for you to save battery life. We’re studying about the difference between five days or more for e-paper and one and two days for color.

Personalization and design

Good smart watches provide the ability to swap them out and the choice of straps,witch is very

important because you are likely to personalize the appearance of your watch. You must Keep in mind that both comfort and the ease with which you can fasten the watch to your wrist counts for a lot.

Today’s Picks:Best Smart Watches Under 50/200/500 Dollars

Best Smart Watch Under 200:Pebble Steel Smart watch Reviews

The watch is someone that can tell time and looks like smaller than clocks.It doesn’t attach with itself like weights,color,pendulums or style.It is no doubt that if you want to get a good and proper watch,even the best action watch,you have to pay a high cost. If you want a watch that a man wear everyday,then you can make the choice that will be influenced by some things he likes to do in his most times.If the man likes sports or traveling ,then he needs an action watch.For example,if the man always works close to water,then you can choose a water resistant.Besides,if he often works outside and gets dirty,then you may not choose a very fancy type.


  • Great functionsYou can use it to read email and text,including calendars.And you can access your favorite apps through your watch on your wrist.
  • A lot of apps:You can discover thousands of apps.Through these apps,you can change your boring life.You can control music right with iTunes from your wrist and more.
  • Good look:It is crafted from Corning Gorilla Glass and stainless-steel.It ships with a black genuine leather band.That makes it great and noble.
  • The smartest watch:It will be the smartest watch you ever own.And it is the smartest-looking watch that we’ve ever made.


  • It cannot be read in sunlight and the battery also cannot last more than 1 day.In this way,I can’t leave the charger for a multi-day business trip.

Customer Reviews

I have a lot of a geeky job.However,I dislike to look like come from the Jetson’s.Until now,the smart-watches are pretty silly looking.I found them a little pointless.I mean the watch have the same functions with smart phone.

I want to get this smart watch because I want a lot of texts.Although my phone is on the charger,I also can play loud music on my watch.

It is great to use when you’re walking in big cities.I have lost my iPhone out of my hand in San Francisco.So the watch will be more safety

Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch under 150 dollars.

  • Responds to voice and gestures:

it is easy to get more things done for its voice control.Send texts,check the weather or set a reminder, all with just your voice.

  • Moto Body:

Moto body is a built-in activity tracker and it can inspire a healthier lifestyle. Besides it tracks your steps, heart rate and calories all the day to help you achieve fitness goals.


  • Tracks Health and Fitness
  • genuine Horween leather and scratch-resistant glass.
  • Timely updates at a glance
  • Matches with many Android TM phone
  • Finely crafted with stainless steel

Reasons to buy

The watch can show your good temperament and adds more grace.This kind of watch can match with your mobile phone and bring much convenience to your life.It is adaptable for many kinds of occasions.

Customer Reviews

Everything of the watch seems to work pretty well.Maps works beautifully ! It was useful for many health features such as heart rate,calories and pedometer.I use it everyday and I love it very much!

I will buy a another one for my wife.

Any Other Best Cheap Smart Watch Of 2017

UZOU Bluetooth Smart Watch for IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Phon under 50 dollars.

This kind of watch is really affordable and this item is really a unique piece of technology and the smart watch offer you much fun.It also an awesome product for the price.I love its design so much.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom under 300 dollars.

I have use the watch for a year and every parts of it performs pretty well.It is worth its price and the watch has many extra additional features.Its Large capacity battery make it have more advantages than others.I would like to give it five star!

My Recommendation

  • I am sure that these Best Smart Watches Under 50/150/300 Dollars is within your budget range and of good quality. They will gradually be an essential part of many people’s daily life encounter.
  • There is no doubt that these smart watches are gaining popularity as the time goes by. They are going to be recognized by more and more people who really need them.So,I hope this article will help you get your favorite smart watch.