you said you never see a running watch with Extra-Large Display and its price is under 500 dollars.I think if you meet with a running watch under 500,you will buy it without hesitate.But now,I will tell you I can offer you three Best Running Watches Of 2017.Then,I will share what I found these days with you.

If I Just select the top rated #1 in the comparison chart and get what I want? Such a process is not easy to do and you maybe lose the real thing that meets your needs. So,I think I should make a depth comparison among all the good value running watches of 2017 and find a good option.If you think it sounds like a good idea,please take a few minutes to read this Best running watches overall guide.

Comparison Chart:Best running watches under 100/300/500 Dollars

To get much specific information,I have a made a nice comparison chart comprehensively and considered many aspects of running watches.

The comparison chart will help you make a good choice and you can get your favorite running watch if you pay close attention to it.of course, when any factor occurs,it will be upgraded.

Suggestions for Choosing best running watches for women & Men

Know your purpose

Different device is equipped with different features. Running watches is  well designed for runner,cyclist,swimmer and athletes an so on.Running watches offer you the workout data which you can analyze to improve your performance.

Common use of running watches

  • Fitness training like running,swimming and hiking
  • Specific purpose of sports such as golf
  • data logging
  • Navigation

Setting an affordable price

these watches refer to are under 300 have no need to worry about the price.every kind of them is good bargain.I have value specific needs and features over the know you are investing a training tool and must not compromise on the quality.

Top 3 of Best running watches Of 2017

Fitbit Surge Fitness watch for running

This watch can be regarded as a train smarter and it go father with surge.It is helpful tool to assist you reach your peak performance. With multisport functionality and continuous heart rate, it is easy to maximize your training time and measure your effort.Automatic sleep detection,activity tracking and music control have been added to it.It can meet all you need.


  • Activity Tracking:It can see pace, distance, and elevation climbed and  review split times and routes.
  • Multi-Sport:This watch records biking , running and cardio workouts and see comprehensive workout summaries, calories burned and workout intensity.

PurePulse Heart Rate:It monitoring automatic, continuous and all-day heart rate

Easy to connect:Automatically  connected to your computer and Sync stats wirelessly.

Reasons to buy

The device is designed for fitness purpose and sports such as swimming,running and cycling.

This watch comes with computer connection for mapping,logging and sharing short,it can help you improve your workout performance so that you can reach your fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

It was  mostly satisified and works pretty well!This watch can easily tracks steps, sleep patterns and heart rate . The watch is revolutionizing  fitness and personal health It offer an incentive to do more exercise and improve your fitness levels!My kids love it very much.

Any Other Cheap Running Watches Under 100/300/500 Dollars?

Garmin Forerunner 225 under $500

A great fitness watch!It was the best watch I have owned! I have used many other brand of watch.Only this watch can meet all my needs.In my opinion,It represent the trend of running watch.I love it!

TomTom Runner GPS running Watch under $100

The watch has many advantages over other watch.

  • Its satellite connection is much faster than many other watch.
  • This watch has greatly reduced the size of the watch over Garmin’s and has Excellent performance
  • Low price under 100 dollars!

My Recommendation

If you are a runner who likes to engage in sports,if you like enjoying running in the rain,and if you want to be time conscious,you can choose any one of the three Best Running Watches.With a running watch,you are more likely to have a heath lifestyle and improve your quality of life.Its necessary for you to own are required to take action now to avoid that possibility late.