When selecting goods,particularly some ornate things like pocket watches, we usually have a misunderstanding that more expensive a thing is, the better it is.In fact, as long as we learn a right buying guidance and get some best pocket watches reviews, it’s a piece of cake to purchase best pocket watches under 100, best pocket watches under 200, or best pocket watches under 300, which are not less better than these under 800.

Before purchasing, we ought to understand the basics of watches, including key techs, reliable brands, target customers and notes for buying. But starting form scratch would cost your much precious time, so here we’d like to briefly tell what you need to know and share quality pocket watches to guide you intelligently.

Our picks: best pocket watches under 100/200/300 Dollars in 2017

The most crucial stuff when selecting Pocket watche


The main timekeeping mechanism is made up by the watch movement. They  measure the passage of time and show the current time and other information including month, date and day.

Their style can be entirely electronic, entirely mechanical or a combination of the two. Mechanical movements adopts an escapement device enabling the stored energy release gradually to power the timepiece.


There are mainly two display style, analog and digital. The pocket watches usually use analog, which is classic and traditional and more formal.

Watch Finish

Due to the watch finish can dramatically impact the appearance of jewelry, it is one of the most important when purchasing a watch. In fact, the external finish of watches is crucial and an excellent watch should be finished beautifully, though the finish of these external parts alone can’t warrant the cost of a costly watch.

Main brands

Luxury old brands can truly turn the watch into an interesting form of jewelry, but few people can afford them. However, with quality standard and affordable pricing, emerging watch brands like Charles-Hubert and Gotham are increasingly popular at the market.

Target customers

The watches, especially pocket watches used to be the symbol of status. And now, they are not the instruments of time but also decoration. So their target customers are folks who pursuit the quality of life and favorite in classic.

Notes for buying

if purchase a watch online which you haven’t met the item, you’d better to shop on its official websites or some big reliable online markets like Amazon.com. And seriously analysis their customer reviews which can give you true and effective guide.

Top 3 Pocket Watches: in-depth Reviews

Best Pocket Watches under 100 dollars :Charles-Hubert, Paris 3928 Brass Mechanical Pocket Watch with Classic Collection Chrome Finish

As for guys who have tight budget but eager for a classic and practical pocket watch, the Charles-Hubert, Paris 3928 Brass Mechanical Pocket Watch is your best choice. Since 1990, this brand has been a big influence in American watch industry. The Charles-Hubert 3928 features analog display, mechanical movement, Skeleton dial, Matching pocket watch chain and 47mm brass case. Even though it has on water resistant, these exceptional good quality and unprecedented Lifetime Warranties worth of each penny you pay.

Reason to buy

  1. unprecedented Lifetime Warranties
  2. including both contemporary and retro designs in its line
  3. exceptional quality standards
  4. Affordable price

Its customers said

This piece is very beautiful, these pictures don’t really do it justice.

I love that it doesn’t need batteries.

I chose it as a birthday present for my boyfriend. He absolutely love it! It looks elegant and classy.

Best Pocket Watches under 200 dollars:Gotham GWC18800S-ST Men’s Silver-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch under 200

Gotham GWC18800S-ST, as elegant and classic silver-tone exhibition pocket watch, is the perfect addition to your timepiece collection. A mechanical movement which can be showcased in full view with when opening the back and front case covers and it’ll show all moving parts, the scratch resistant mineral crystals and intricately designed highly polished silver-tone case to protect your timepiece. Moreover, 15″ steel curb pocket watch chain plus bonus solid brass desktop stand improve general quality. As a gift for men, it is ideal and affordable.

Reason to buy this pocket watch under 200

  1. Mechanical movement showcased in full view
  2. front and back covers can both be opened to expose movement
  3. Highly spoken by customers on Amazon.com

Its customers said

I love how the watch opens on both sides which allow me to see all the mechanisms and gears.

Pocket watch is very nice .. But, i needed to return it for my dad couldn’t see time clearly with this model ..and it’s just got a lot of moving parts .. very nice though.

Best Pocket Watches under 300 dollars:Charles-Hubert, Paris 3780-G Mechanical Pocket Watch under 300

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3780-G has a luxury golden appearance but at not luxury price. The tech features are also excellent with 14k gold-plated satin brushed 54mm double cover case, a matching curb chain, 17 jewel mechanical movement and roman numerals Skeleton dial. This timepiece packaged in Deluxe gift box is suitable for you or being a gift. Its general performance won’t let your money down.

Reason to buy

  1. Special design-Satin brushed double cover case
  2. 14k gold plated
  3. 17 jewel mechanical movement

Its customers said

Looked high and low to see if I was insane for going with the price drop, but it was great.


Maybe the price of the above three all in your budget, but choose which one? It’s better to make a comparison.

Tech features

 The most tech features of these pocket watches are almost the same. Just the design and materials of case make the difference. The Charles-Hubert 3928 is small than the other two and without double cover case. The Charles-Hubert, Paris 3780-G cost more for its 14k gold plated appearance. Just judged from the moving performance, the Charles-Hubert 3780-G and the Gotham have few difference.


The quality and double cover case make the Charles-Hubert, Paris 3780-G and the Gotham great.

Price performance

The Charles-Hubert 3928 on Amazon.com only cost $58.5 now, the Gotham cost less than 200 dollars and the Charles-Hubert 3780-G is $246,which saves 138 dollars for you.

My Advice

This  comparison report cover all the best rated Pocket Watches under 100/200/300 Dollars,In general, the tech performance of the Charles-Hubert 3780-G and the Gotham are both good. However, the Gotham is cheaper and cost less. So i will choose the Gotham.