Nearly every customer who is looking for their best heart rate monitor watch  (Under $50/100/200/300) would meet this problem: there are various heart rate monitors with complicated features on the market, but the multi-functions is too expensive, the cheapest is too shabby, then which one suit me best?

If you are also puzzled in this situation, this review can give you a clear mind and guide you to select your best heart rate monitor watch.

Moreover, i will recommend several reliable popular heart rate monitor in different price level (Under $50/100/200/300) for you, which ensure you not miss the right one.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Under $50/100/200/300)

Buying Guide:How to select your best heart rate monitor watch?

The key function of heart rate monitor watch is to transfer sport information into data and allow you to monitor the activity and make analysis.

  1. Make sure your recent goal of running

On the basis of the distance you’ll run, select the battery life of sport watch. If your goal is 10 or 20 kilometers, the general watches can meet your needs. But as for marathon, your battery should be last at least 6hours.

  1. Choose the heart rate based on your running intensity

In fact, monitor the heart rate means monitor your running intensity, which can show your improvement.

  1. Select the most suitable shared repertoire based on your social communication needs
  2. Select the brand and type based on your personalized needs

Some boys and girls buy watch for fashion. Well, some is for operating and finding interesting feature on the watch which give them much fun.

If your exercise intensity is large, and you are easy to sweat, it’s better to choose watch with high waterproof level.

Best heart rate monitor watch under 50 dollars:Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

If you are a recreational exercisers who wants an easy start to fitness, then the Polar FT1 is a good piece of kit to offer you basic heart rate monitoring. By spending less than 50 dollar, its users not only can get continuous, accurate heart rate which will help them safely exercise at the right intensity, but also get the improvements in fitness with age-based automatic heart rate target zone.

Reason to buy

  1.  like a personal coach on your wrist telling you when to speed up or slow down
  2. offers one-button functionality and  displays a summary of your latest workout
  3. Shows heart rate on easy-to-read display
  4. Coded heart rate transmission avoiding cross-talk

The consumers said

It is very accurate. It works as advertised. I know for I wore it while at a rehab session where I was connected to professional equipment.

Best heart rate monitor watch under 100 dollars:Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

I recommend the Polar FT4 to active exercisers who want tracking their calories burned and intensity during any activity. With the information it offers, you can stay within your target zone and gauge your intensity to maximize your workout . So whether your goal is to tone up, lose weight, or improve your overall fitness, this watch is the perfect workout companion to help you exercise wiser with its easy-to-operate heart rate based features.

Reason to buy

  1. Smart Calorie feature offers your accurate calories burned by analysis your personal data
  2. Continuous, accurate heart rate
  3. Includes soft fabric heart rate chest strap adapting to your body shape.
  4. User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)

The consumers said

The watch is incredibly easy to use. all the ability in a heart monitor i want was to see my heart rate, see whether I’m in the zone, and how many calories i have burned. And this watch does all of those flawlessly!

Best heart rate monitor watch under 200 dollars:Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch

With 200 dollars or fewer, the Alpha offers benefit more than your imagination—- the first strapless, continuous heart rate monitor in the world you can wear on your wrist, accurate data even when you are running at speeds of up to 12mph (20km/h), a rechargeable lithium battery which can be changed forever and connection with sport and fitness devices and compatible smartphones. The guys who like long-time activities should own one Alpha.

Reason to buy

  1. EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring even during rigorous exercise
  2. Durable and soft silicone band to ensure a snug fit
  3. Heart rate taken at wrist to eliminate need for a chest strap
  4. Post-workout activity review of average heart rate, total exercise time, and time “in zone”
  5. Water resistant

The consumers said

With the Alpha, its LED sensors give constant readings and a light indicator to display if you’re in the targeted heart rate ‘Zone’. You can get more comfortable as well as convenient when focusing on running. Well, battery power is also quite satisfactory.

Best heart rate monitor watch under 300:Suunto Ambit2 S GPS Heart Rate Monitor Graphite Watch

As for people who like to develop new functions to increase the fun of sports, the Suunto Ambit2 S can absolutely fuel your passion for sports. The latest GPS in a sleek and light design with advanced features for biking, swimming, running and more. What’s more, thousands of Suunto Apps is available to develop new features to your watch. As a big brand of outdoor watch, the Suunto is reliable for your sport needs.

Reason to buy

  1. Advanced multisport functions
  2. 12 h battery life with GPS
  3. Personalize with 1000+ free Sports Apps
  4. Route & waypoint navigation

The consumers said

I’m wearing it. I do not feel it, it does not rub.

I swim with this watch every day and it counts strokes and laps. The GPS continues to work for you can set the signal to every second

These suggestions may help you…

If you just do some regular exercise and require your watch suitable for swimming, offering continuous Heart Rate and owning target HR Zone w/ Alarm, the Polar FT4 which has more than 4400 sales and 4.4 out of 5 stars on is the best choice.
If you like multi-functions, the more powerful Suunto with plenty of APP and advanced structure is better.Okay, I hope this Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Under $50/100/200/300) comparison report can help any of you