As the GPS watches are increasingly popular, you may want to purchase one but feel it harder and harder to make a buying decision by the combination of tons of GPS watch with various price range and plenty of merchants’ promotion, even if you just want to find a best GPS watch under 200 dollars?

Don’t be worried. Here, you can not only free learn several biggest tips before purchasing a GPS watch, which combined with my long-time selecting experience, but also get know best GPS watch reviews in 2015.

Are you ready to get the best GPS watch for running? If so, please spend several minutes to walk through the following Best GPS Watch Under 200/500/1000 Dollars guide

 Best GPS Watch Under 200/500/1000 Dollars-Compare Now

 The biggest tips to buy a best GPS watch in 2017

  1. GPS function

The main function of GPS watch is absolutely associated with geography information, including recording travel distance (like running, walking or swimming), moving speed, warypoint, moving path. However, not all GPS watch support route planning which made on the computer in advance and then upload to the watch to guide you.

  1. The trade-off of price and special functions

Except for GPS, we should care about other functions like 3D compass, berometer, themometer, runtastic Heart Rate PRO and rain alarm pro. Well, there is not doubt that the more the function has, the better the watch is. But you should not forget that only high-end products can own all of them which also means high price and . So you ought to know clear what you want and not chase unnecessary functions.

  1. Data mining

Most excellent watches can make the running data completely be synchronized to the phone software or computer to analysis and memo, which allow you to mutual exchange and urge.

  1. Water resistant

In general, all of the GPS watch has water resistant.but some products just has waterproof and can’t be used in swimming and diving.So you should get know of the waterproof level.

Best GPS watch reviews:Top Rated Of 2017

Best GPS Running watch under 200:TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Grey) for under 200

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch, priced 127 dollars on, is the cheapest but reliable entry-level GPS watch you can buy in America. Whether you’re running, swimming or cycling, TomTom has a range of  accessories to help you achieve your goals. As for anyone who don’t like over high-end complicated watch, this TomTom which allows you to see detailed running metrics at-a-glance to keep motivated and achieve your running goals is the best.

Highlights at a glance

  1. Track distance, time and pace on an extra-large and high resolution display
  2. With the intuitive One-Button Control, navigate easily through menus .
  3. Achieve your goals with the considerate help of the TomTom Graphical Training Partner

Customers said this GPS watch under 200

The price is lower.

It reduced the thickness of watch over Garmin’s greatly and acquires satellite connections much faster than Garmin.

Best GPS watch under 500:Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Designed for explorers and athletes, the Suunto Ambit2 provides advanced outdoor and multisport functions. It allows you to get a weather forecast before the rain falls and Full-featured GPS (SiRFIV v2.2)help make route planning to better training. Besides, Robust design with long battery life give more convenience.

Highlights at a glance

  1. General Functions: – Time, date, alarm, dual time – GPS timekeeping – Nine languages
  2.  ANT/ANT+ and HR compatable for more Sports-Specific Functions
  3. Training Functions: – GPS-based speed, pace an
  4. Personalize with 1000+ free Sports Apps

Customers said this GPS watch under 500

The Suunto has fewer functions than the Garmin, yet what it does, it does really well. So it’s very well-executed.

Best GPS watch under 1000:CASIO GPW-1000-1AJF SKY COCKPIT GPS WATCH

This is the First GPS ATOMIC SOLAR HYBRID in the world with CASIO-original GPS radio-controlled Hybrid technology built inside a G Shock Resistant structure. While GPS information is acquired, this watch will determine your current time zone and judge whether updates watch settings accordingly, and whether your location requires the use of summer time. Anyone who want absolute Toughness with Universal Accuracy should miss the GPW-1000-1AJF.

Highlights at a glance

  1. wearable in the harshest environment
  2. Solar power
  3. Non-stop
  4. Band attachment structure

Customers said this GPS watch under 1000

Bought this gps running watch for it’s hybrid design. The GPS combined and the six band terrestrial receiver ensure the time synch occur everywhere in the world.

Comparison-Best GPS Watch Under 200/500/1000 dollars

  1. Tech features

the TomTom doesn’t have much functions as the other two watches, but its big screen and simple practical functions can meet your basic GPS need. But it is without route planning feature.

The Suunto not only own the functions of most GPS watch, and it support route planning.

The Casio, as a high-end watch, does well in measuring to reinforce strength, higher-efficiency power generation, assured visibility and provision for inflight wear.

  1. Build&design

Big watch screen and One-Button Control  make the TomTom  easy to operate.

Robust design and black appearance for the Suunto.

a tough structure that stands up to three types of powerful gravitational acceleration build up durable Casio.

  1. Price

The TomTom costs 127.2 dollars on, the Suunto requires $349.95 and the Casio priced 830.82, which are all reliable but cheaper than their official websites

My advice

The aim of most people to purchase GPS watches may be their route planning function, enabling you take activities more efficiency. So the watch priced in the mid-level, the Suunto is for you. And the Casio is more suitable for guys who like looking for interesting and complicated watch.Okay, I hope this Best GPS Watch Under 200/500/1000 Dollars buying guide can meet your taste.

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