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Best Cheap Watches For Men:Overall Guide

1Types of Watches

It is no denying that watches have a variety of styles and shapes. There are three typical categories of watches: casual watches, dress watches and sport watches.

  1.1 Casual Watches

Made from stainless steel, casual watches usually have a rather plain face. You can wear them every day entirely. They have a durable strap or medium to heavy bracelet band.

  1.2 Dress Watches

One special thing for dress watches is that usually they are made from gold or other precious metal. A light colored dial with simple hands and a plain no markings bezel are what dress watches typically feature. Plus, we can often see a thin and elegant leather strap on them.

  1.3 Sport Watches

Compared with casual watched or dress watches, sport watches are much heavier and more durable. You can distinguish them from their heavier bezels with markings and complex looking face with thicker hands. Casual type straps are also what sports watches commonly have, which can be rubber based bands, padded leather bands or heavy bracelets. Importantly, a majority of sports watches are water resistant to no less than 50 meters. Besides, they have more functionality than the other two types.

2Display Type

  2.1 Analog

Obviously, this is the traditional and classic display for watches. This kind of style is much more formal. You can see there is a dial with two or three hands and numbers or Roman numerals marking the hours on the watch. Nowadays, they gradually tend to a modern look.

  2.2 Digital

This type of display indicates the time in numeric form which is available in LCD or LED. This kind of watches are powered by a quite small battery, and usually applied in casual watches. What’s more , you can also find date and other information on most of digital watches.

3Movements Types

The movement or we say the inner workings of a watch determines the main timekeeping mechanism. With this mechanism, watches can measure the passage of time thus display the current time together with other information like the date, day and month. We have totally three kinds of movements — entirely mechanical, entirely electronic or a combination of the two.

  3.1 Entirely mechanical

This is the original method designed to power wristwatches, which is appreciated by a majority of people for their exquisite craftsmanship and fine appearance. An escapement device is used to ensure mechanical movements. The gradual release of the stored energy is able to power the timepiece. There are many different ways to store energy. For instance, a manually-wounded spring or a self-winding mechanism which is driven by the movement of wearer or a battery.

  3.2 Entirely electronic

You can see few if any moving parts in an electronic watch. The interaction of small crystals can create energy to power the watch. Because electronic movements need electricity to operate, there are batteries in most of the watches with electronic movements. In this kind of watch time is regulated by the tiny quartz crystal. That’s why we often call electronic watches quartz watches. In addition, the first watches to use a quartz movement were Seiko ones.

  3.3 Combination of the two.

There is one types of watch using a combination of mechanical and electronic elements–Kinetic powered watches. Usually a weight which rotates with the motion of the watch wearer’s arm turns a generator so as to supply power. We can say that it is just like an automatic watch except that electrical power is produced by the mechanical motion.

4Common Watch Features

There is no doubt that all watches provide the hour and minute to measure time. It is fairly common for watches to display the current date, seconds and day of the week. Besides, when selecting a watch, there are other additional features that you need to take into consideration. Complications refer to functionalities beyond basic time keeping, thus a watch which possesses one or more functions besides basic functionality is called a Complicated Watch. Bulova watches are good examples of such watches with complications. Here are a few popular features or complications for non-digital and digital watches:

  4.1 Non-digital watches

    4.1.1 Audible Alarm

Most expensive watches are featuring an alarm.

    4.1.2 Chronograph

With this function, watches can be used as stop-watches.

    4.1.3 Moon Phase

Watches are able to display the lunar phase.

    4.1.4 Tourbillon

Tourbillon is used to counter the affect of gravity, which can improve the accuracy of the watch.

    4.1.5 Perpetual Calendar

It is a continual calendar which does not need any adjustment.

4.2 Digital watch

  4.2.1 Calculator

The watch contains a mathematical calculator.

  4.2.2 Heart Rate Monitor

Watches are able to monitor your heart rate while doing athletic workouts.

  4.2.3 Global Positioning System

Using satellite technology, watches can help in locating positions.

  4.2.4 Digital Camera

With this function, watches can be used as digital cameras, which can take and store photographs.

5 Best (Casual & Dress & Sport) Watches Under $1000:Comparison Report

At the beginning, the watch is designed to be a functional item which is needed in everyday life. However, in recent days, watches are more likely to be appreciated as a kind of jewelry or works of art that worth collecting. Therefore, there are a variety of watches in many different types and prices, from the simple and inexpensive ones to the gorgeous and pricey ones. Therefore, consumers may easily confused by such a wide variety of choices. In this case, a best watch buying guide is a necessity. After knowing the types of watches and their features, you will have a clear mind when choosing the most suitable watch for yourself and friends.