If you are looking for a casio watch and you have no idea where to start or find one fits you, then you come to the right place. As a professional watch expert owing lots of watches of different brands and different prices, I would give you my favorite 3 Best cheap Casio watches under 100/500/1000 dollars you deserve which I am sure will further inform your decisions after you read this passage. Casio watches own a history of innovation and a proven track record of quality. No matter the least expensive watch or one costs thousands dollar, Casio watch would give you a long-lasting and professional timekeeper.

Choosing a Casio watch means you will get a very robust watch, perfect for adventuring, as they are well-known for their good withstanding knocks and bangs.

Best Casio Watches Under 100/500/1000 Dollars: You Deserve

Something you need to consider before you purchase a watch

When you select a watch, you could make your choice from the following aspects:

  1. Quality; the easiest way to ensure quality is to select the right brand. The Casio brand, one of the most respected watch brands, essentially guarantees high quality and affordable prices.
  2. Price; you could choose a relatively suitable one according to your budget: high-end, mid-range or affordable low-end one.
  3. Style; find your right style first you need to know on which occasion you will wear it: at work, on formal situations, under water or on camping trips.
  4. Features; such as automatic movement or quartz, whether has day and date on the dial, whether water resistant or not, durable construction.

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Best casio g shock watches under 500 dollars: Casio GWA-1100-1A3 G-Aviation Reviews

This is a most classical watch of G-shock series, which are able to withstand the shock of gravitational dropping forces, centrifugal forces and vibration. Apart from its cool black analog appearance design, the watch is tough solar powered with solar rechargeable battery: without further exposure to light, the battery life could last for 6 months on full charge. It is a perfect choice for people who are outdoor adventurers, sports lovers or people in the military. Believe me this men’s watch under 500 won’t fails you.


  • Shockproof
  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping
  • Water resistant to 300M
  • Sapphire glass
  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Noctilucence

Customer review

  • Even though I have several G-Shocks and Pro-Treks, this Casio Watch is my favorite when traveling. It requires the least efforts to set to different time zones. I never have to be upset about the time setting or date setting. I cannot say more good about this watch.
  • The point I love the watch most is the color: cool black plus the cold green highlights. Although it’s big, light it is as well. I am so happy with this purchase!

Best Budget Casio men’s watch under 1000 dollars: ProtrekManaslu Multiband 6 PRX-7000t-7JF

Featuring round shape, analog display, silver color and tough solar radio, this popular multiband watch is delicately built and has multiple functions, very suitable for outdoor activities. In addition, this watch under 1000 is equipped with triple sensors: atmospheric pressure, temperature and the altitude measurement. Digital carved damper and measurement mode indicator needle improve its readability greatly. If you are interested in this watch, you can click Amazon.com to inquiry it since its stock is not sufficient now.

Customer review

  • This Casio Watch virtually a piece of art: not to mention it is very light, its capabilities are great and accurate. I have to say it is definitely high cost-performance.
  • Love this watch, the only problem is it is a 52mm however the specs say it is a 57mm.

Best cheap Casio men’s watch under 100 dollars: GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport Watch

Good news! Today you can get this powerful solar sport watch under 100 dollars from Amazon.com less than 100 dollars! This black sport watch is powered by solar and absorb any visible light for its charging, very convenient. What’s more, this watch can receive 6 innings waves, with display of 31 areas world time. This watch can also detect temperature and indicate the power index. Motion style with hale appearance: good impact resistance and water resistance to 200 M.

Customer review

  • This Casio Watch is very accuracy because the time is set every night through radio signals. I have had this watch for years; I am still ready to wear it.
  • I really like the solar power and its unique look: pretty much all black and light effect makes the watch easy to read even in the dark. I really love this watch and I am glad 100 dollar can get this bargain.


After all, every watch has its own advantages. As far as I am concerned, I would prefer to the first watch, which owned more reputation also with an affordable price.I hope after reading this passage you will find your desirable watch and enjoy your purchase. If you have any questions or comments please contact with me without any hesitation.

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