These days, one of my classmates Tom will celebrate his birthday. I feel every happy to attend his birthday party, but I don’t know how to choose a best budget gift to him. Another friend give a advice to me to send a watch, it is really a good cheap gift for a boy.

To make my gift really arresting and valuable, I visited many websites and do compare work about the Best Budget Men’s Watches Under 50 Dollars sold on line.So, if you are worried to buy a perfect watch, I will show all of work to all of you about how to choose a best watch with a lowest price.

Best Budget Men’s Watches Under 50 Dollars OF 2017

For a man, you really need a watch to show your taste. a watch is not only a watch but also a signal to show you are a gentleman.

Items you should consider when purchasing the a men’s watches

The quality of a watch

Our wrists vary one by one, so it is possible that the watch will be wound when we wear it via the movement of the watch. As a use of telling the time, we mush make sure the watch can correctly tell the right time. So, the first thing we should consider is the quality of the watch in a proper price.


Everyone will observe your watch when you wear it and have a look at it. So, the watch must match your style. For example, if you want to look cool you may choose a silver and thin watch. If you want to look more fashion, you may choose the popular brand. Or if you want to look more seriously, you can choose the leather band.

Water resistance

It is unobvious we will contact water no matter when we have a shower or just wash our hands, so we mush make sure weather our watch can resistance water. It is important for we can make a good use of the watch.

Your budget:

There are some watches on sale now on some website, we can enjoy the discount and choose good watch no matter as a good gift or just wear by yourself.

Top 3 best watches Under 50 Dollars in 2017

Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 Black Resin Quartz Watch Under 50 Dollars

This watch is a big case design, the size ranged from X to G, so you can buy any size of watch to match your wrist. And the out look is really cool for a man.


This watch under 50 will be kept in a box and unopened until your receive and open it. most importantly, the speed indicator only 1/1000 second error. Such an perfect watch you really want to own it.

Reasons to buy

  • This watch is designed to use at the end of the year 2099. So, you do not need to worried about the use-life about the watch.
  • This watch serve world time, consisting 29 time zones. So, no matter where you are, just take it.
  • This watch can resistant 200 water even 200 meters bellow.
  • These days, this watch enjoys a big discount. Really cheap!

 Customer review

When I get the watch, it really catch my eyes. The light is proper not too bright like my old one. And the weight is light I really like it. I think everyone will like it when he get it with such a lower price.

UZOU Bluetooth Smart Watch under 50 for IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone

This smart watch can be suitable for IOS, Android, Windows phone and Symbian Black system. It has many functions like music, record, call, pedometer, phonebook etc.

Customer review

This watch under 50 catch my eye when I visit the website by chance. Firstly, it is really cool, I really want to have a cool watch before. Moreover, the functions really fit my need. In the end, for such a functional watch it serves a very low price. So, I bought it and feel very satisfied to buy it.

Invicta Men’s 9211 Speedway Collection Stainless Steel Chronograph Watches Under 50

This watch has a classical style and will fit your about the speed. This watch is designed for men, offering two wears: casual wear and business wear. It features 3 functions: start, stop, and reset. The round silver serves a pretty outlook.

Customer review

I really love this watch, and it looks nice. With such a lower price, I feel I make a perfect deal. And it arrived very quick after I bought it from Amazon.

My recommendation

The there cheap men’s watches under 50 are really good brands, so you do need to worried about the quality of the watch and the service. Also, the three watches enjoyed big discount now, so it is really cheap. It is the perfect time to buy such three watches with very low prices.